A Stakeout In The Garden

How Our Garden Grows

The tomato plants are getting tall enough now that I felt it was time to “stake them out” – tie them to supports. Pooh thought of a different kind of “stakeout”. Silly old bear. I’m afraid he watches, and reads, too many mysteries. “No, Bear, there isn’t a scandal in the garden.”

So far almost everything appears to be growing well. The tomatoes are all taller than the container now, and I’ve been pinching off the lower limbs (that sounds brutal, no wonder Pooh’s looking for criminals amongst the plants!)

The one plant I’m not sure about, however, is the cucumber bush. It’s supposed to be container- friendly, but so far it seems unhappy. Maybe it’s still in shock? Or perhaps it’s too crowded? Or overshadowed by the tomatoes?


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