About Pooh

Meet Pooh, My Pooh

I don’t know how it is with anyone else, but over the years my Pooh has grown into more than just what A. A. Milne wrote about. I love those stories, naturally, and the Disney films, too; but there is definitely more to my Bear.

For one, he no longer lives in the Hundred Acre Woods. How could he, when he’s with me and don’t live there? His adventures and “expotitions” happen in the “real world”, right alongside me. He loves hunny still, but does like to try out other foods now and then. He’s rather curious, after all. He loves to be read to and watch tv and movies. His favorites involve other Animals: Paddington Bear, The Wind in The Willows, and everything Beatrix Potter. However, he also quite enjoys murder mysteries and British comedies. Most Thursdays he can be found in front of the television, two big jars of hunny by his side (one for Now, one for Later) and a Monk marathon on the tv. He also likes Columbo, Father Brown, Death in Paradise, Midsomer Murders, and Murder, She Wrote. His entertainment isn’t all fiction, though. He likes watching reality tv, particularly about how things are made or about dangerous jobs. But what he likes best is to be Doing, not just Watching. And that’s how he helps me overcome my anxieties – I want to show him the world (well, parts of it), and in doing so force myself to face it, too. 

I know it probably sounds ridiculous to others, but somehow it makes all the difference to me. I wouldn’t, or couldn’t, do the things that scare me on my own- I’d rather just stay in my safe little corner- but when I think about doing them with or for Pooh, it becomes more important. 

But ultimately, it’s God who enables me to do everything. I see Pooh as a tool, not as the source. My ability to face my fears and change only began when I got right with God and stopped trying to do everything on my own. It isn’t instantaneous, but I am learning that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, as the Bible says. Or, as I often think of it, I can bear all things through Christ who strengthens me. And that’s another difference between my Pooh and the original one. My Pooh loves God, reads the Bible and attends church. Now, I do know he’s not truly real and can’t go to Heaven or anything – but, teaching him helps me to be better. Someday I might not need my Pooh by my side all the time, but for now, he’s a great help and I’m having a lot of fun.